Lucy Lippard

P1050713We were fortunate enough to be introduced to the renown writer and artist Lucy Lippard.

We went on a tour of Detroit visiting such places as the Packard plant, The Edible Hut  and Memory field in Osborn, Power house, Dflux, the Play House, Burnside Farm and Popps Packing.

Kate and I prepared a lunch which we enjoyed as a group upon visiting her farm of Fresh rolls with a peanut dipping sauce, a gingery red cabbage slaw, and a miso soup sweet potatoes and leeks.

Lucy gave a  memorable lecture in t he evening.

I will spend the following days thinking over that day. She is a kind bright and humble person.
Lucy never speaks or writes to conclude, but rather serves ideas in an form to be easily digested, catalysts for further conversation.
She has a skill I admire, the ability to collage and serve information without changing it or manipulate it.

She reminded me that a good leader can step away from their project and it will not only continue without them but it is strong enough to undergo amendments as needed.
In our monocrop centric society i feel the opposite is often encouraged.
We are taught to aspire to be leaders who have control of their environments. To attain a pivital position so as without the leader a the project cannot survive.
A good leader nurtures the development of parts to strengthen the whole. Like a good tender of a permaculture garden, cultivating and rearing without force for a more balanced and stable culture, not product.
It was a pleasure to meet Lucy, and a really fun day.


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