Parsley Bear and Mural

Team Leaders – Anthony lee and Mariko Brenner

Working with  – Oakland Ave Community Garden
Project – To build a living parsley bear and paint a mural depicting the history of the area.

The Detroit Hieroglyphics Mural

was definitely a challenge.

It’s composition needed to be simple
enough to be visually read,

and pleasing to the eye.
We chose Bright colors for a more uplifting
and energetic feel
and attempted to illustrate
400 years of Detroit history
in a broad subtle way
that may inspire history enthusiasts.
The Garden Bear:
was an interesting introduction
to the Garden and community sculpture.
The people of the Oakland seemed to
really like it and interact with the bear and
that made all the hard work worth it.
We planted the welded Bear frame into the plantbed
and stuffed concrete rocks at the bottom to ensure it would stay grounded.
Initially the sculpture was
going to be filled with Sphagnum Moss
but because a weed-blocking tarp
was substituted instead, my team and I
filled it with compost.
I hand-sowed the tarb around the metal frame
before filling the body with soil,
and then stuffed thyme plants in the front,
and petunia flowers in the back.
it all worked out swell.

Proposal documents –

The Team Table of contents Summary Garden Layout Green Team Schedule How To Parsley bear Detroit Budget Cover


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